24 October 2019 - Floors To You proposes an amazing range of services which could help you put the timber flooring or install carpet inside your house. Carpet laying is very popular both in office and in residential premises. This type of flooring is easy to care for and has all the advantages of conventional carpets, making the space cosiness and comfort. Entrust the installation of the carpet to the professionals of the Floors To You company. They will carry out work quickly and efficiently, as well as at an affordable price.

What determines the price per square meter? The more additional work will be done at your facility, the higher will be the cost of the final result. The need for preparatory work (dismantling the old coating, levelling the floor, cutting material, etc.); the installation method of the carpet - on glue / double-sided adhesive, on the substrate; the need for trimming furniture are all decided factors. Let’s see the lays of laying carpet: Double-sided: A special double-sided adhesive tape is used. It is glued to the carpet both around the perimeter and in the form of a grid over its entire area. As a rule, this installation method is used, if it is a small room, up to 25 m2. On glue: This method is more reliable because the carpet is fully fixed. It is acceptable for both small and large premises. Provides a long carpet life. On the backing: The substrate provides additional heat and noise insulation. Thanks to her, your carpet will last longer. On the flu-rail: This method is also called stretching. And all because the carpet is stretched and attached to special rails around the perimeter. In this case, additional preparation of the base is not required. The use of a backing is required.

How to place an order at Floors To You? If you decide to lay a carpet in a room or office, use our services. Enough for this: Leave a request by phone or through the online order form. Get a preliminary calculation of the work from the manager of the company. Coordinate with the master the date and time of the work.


About Floors To You:

Floors To You is an Australian company offering carpet installing services and many other related services. If you are planning a refactoring in your house, then the Floors To You offerings will be helpful to you. Do not hesitate what Floors To You can offer you.


Company Name: Floors To You

Address: Unit 5/102 Bath Rd, Kirrawee, New South Wales 2232

Phone: 02 8347 0355

Email: sales@floorstoyou.com.au 

Website: https://www.floorstoyou.com.au/ 

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